🍾 Louis XIII (AAA+ Hybrid)

Louis XIII boasts a 23% THC ratio and instills a heavy but good feeling all over the body and in the head as well.  The Louis XIII strain is good for reducing pain and aches all over the body. It helps patients suffering from insomnia sleep heavily and for a longer period of time. It relaxes and tranquilizes anxiety-ridden people and gives them a stress-free night. The uplifting of spirits helps battle depression. All in all Louis XIII is a royal treat for stressed workaholics looking for a break.

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The highly potent part, Louis XIII has small dense light green nugs with orange hairs. What sets this strain apart from the other Indica type marijuana breeds is the smell. It has a very strong and distinct aroma that can be recognized from a few meters away. Just by inhaling the sweet scent of a kush with a fresh piney smell accented by an earthy tone sends the users into a pre-smoke buzz. It tastes like a combination of flowery, lemony and earthy ganja. The overall flavor is sweet and sour, which is very enjoyable.

 Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica
THC: 23%, CBD: 1%, CBN: 1%

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