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Based in British Columbia, Bliss Edibles grew out of a need for a potent, great tasting edible that consumers can trust. We understand that precise, consistent dosing and great flavour at an affordable price are of paramount importance to us all. Our mission is to make cannabis edibles safe, enjoyable and approachable to a deserving and discerning community by driving wellness principles through our certified production methods, efficacy testing and infusion innovations. Bliss continues to redefine the edible cannabis category to deliver relief to all who seek it.

Bonafide ensures that every package contains the highest quality, ethically sourced, vegan, and organic ingredients. Our lab-tested products provide a consistent delivery method for the ingestion of cannabis. Now, take a load off, kick your feet up, and enjoy what Mother Nature has to offer!

Elevate your well-being with “Cannabis Enriched Product Boost,” a brand committed to seamlessly integrating the enriching properties of cannabis into your daily life. From soothing balms to invigorating elixirs, our meticulously crafted products prioritize premium ingredients and responsibly sourced cannabis extracts. Experience a new era of wellness where nature meets innovation, promoting balance, vitality, and a moment of bliss in every drop. Welcome to a brighter, more balanced you with Cannabis Enriched Product Boost, where each product is thoughtfully designed to boost your vitality and redefine your daily rituals.

Introducing Burn., a trailblazing cannabis vape brand that transcends the ordinary, delivering an unparalleled vaping experience. Born from a passion for innovation and a commitment to excellence, Burn. redefines the art of vaping. With sleek designs and cutting-edge technology, our vaporizers are crafted to elevate every moment, providing a seamless fusion of style and substance. Immerse yourself in the world of Burn. and discover a symphony of premium strains, each puff a journey into exceptional flavor profiles. From modern aesthetics to superior functionality, Burn. sets the standard for sophistication in the cannabis vape landscape. Ignite your senses, embrace the extraordinary, and experience the pinnacle of vaping with Burn. – where every draw is a celebration of style, flavor, and the artistry of cannabis.

The newest edibles to hit the market come from the creators of Dames Gummy Co. All we have to say is they are mouthwateringly delicious; don’t forget they’re infused. The mixed fruit-flavored 200mg pack comes with 10 – 20mg gummies dusted in sugar in five delectable flavors – Mango, Orange, Pineapple, Green Watermelon, and Orange Creamsicle. Treat yourself to a soft, high-quality THC oil-infused gummy after a long day to relax, unwind, and have an uninterrupted night of sleep.

Kick back and have a dank delight with the newest THC oil-infused gummies from Dames Gummy Co. Once you’ve tried the confectionery masterful recipe of Cola gummies from Dames Gummy Co., the classic treat will never be the same. Even though they taste divine, they pack a punch, leaving you in a euphoric, relaxed state. Enjoy a 200mg package of 10-20mg dusted sugar cola bottles with only the highest quality THC cannabis oil ingredients.

Step into the realm of sophistication and excellence with Diamond Concentrates, a pinnacle in the world of cannabis vaping. Meticulously crafted and unwavering in quality, Diamond Concentrates redefines the art of vaping with premium products that promise a smooth, potent, and flavor-rich experience. From ethically sourced cannabis extracts to sleek, modern designs, every detail reflects our commitment to excellence. Whether you seek relaxation, inspiration, or a moment of clarity, Diamond Concentrates offers a diverse range of vape products that cater to every preference, elevating your cannabis experience. Immerse yourself in the brilliance of Diamond Concentrates, where purity, potency, and sophistication converge to set a new standard in cannabis vaping. Your journey deserves nothing but the best, and Diamond Concentrates delivers on that promise.

Euphoria Extractions are cannabis-infused confections, skillfully crafted with quality, locally-grown cannabis. We believe that everyone of age should have the option of experiencing mind-opening freedom, spiritual exploration, and self-healing in a safe and transparent way.

Based in Vancouver, Canada, Faded Cannabis Co. stands as a leading cannabis extraction and infused edible/medible company. Carefully selecting premium buds that offer consistency, potency, and exceptional flavor is the cornerstone of what makes all Faded Cannabis Co. products trusted and renowned among discerning edible/medible enthusiasts. Our edibles undergo rigorous lab testing to ensure consistency in every batch, guaranteeing a taste that rivals the highest quality gourmet brands. Rooted in a mission that commences with an unwavering commitment—commitment to excellence—Faded Cannabis Co. strives to exceed expectations while meeting the diverse needs of consumers.

At the factory, we select only the finest BC Craft Quads, which have been expertly grown and harvested in their prime. Under perfect conditions, our slow, cold hang-dried cure allows the flowers to mature until they reach their peak potential. Rich terpenes, maximum flavor, and the smoothest burn; taste the difference our premium strains provide.

Fryd Extracts emerges as a groundbreaking cartridge, sending ripples through the vaping industry with its innovative approach. As a pioneer in the field, Fryd sets itself apart by delivering a vaping experience like no other. The oils within Fryd vapes boast an unparalleled purity, standing as a testament to our unwavering commitment to quality. Meticulously curated and crafted, Fryd Extracts ensures that every inhale is a journey into the epitome of excellence, making it the go-to choice for discerning enthusiasts seeking the highest standard in the market. Embrace a new era of vaping with Fryd Extracts, where cutting-edge technology meets the purest oils, elevating your experience to unprecedented heights.

At Gas Gang, we believe in infinite potential. In both our plants and our people, we reach higher, dig deeper, and dream bigger. Some might say we do things our own way around here – and they’d be right. By finding simple solutions to complex challenges, listening to our plants, our people, and finding joy in the ordinary. In other words, we don’t just cultivate cannabis. We cultivate genius.

High Dose is an edibles company based in British Columbia that offers an amazing lineup of gummy products. They currently offer three fruit gummy packs that come in indica, sativa, or CBD, each with its own unique fruity flavors. Their gummies are great for both recreational and medicinal users. Each package is airtight and resealable.

Based on Vancouver Island, High Voltage Extracts is a small group dedicated to providing you with pure, potent medicinal extracts of unparalleled aroma and flavor. Their concentrates are made from flowers grown on Vancouver Island, and a small group is responsible for extractions, packaging, and distribution. They are involved in every step in the path to providing you with unique, high-quality live resins, sauces, cartridges, and edibles; all made from live, fresh flowers.

At Kushkraft, we embrace the time-honored wisdom of traditional craft cultivation gleaned over centuries of cannabis horticulture. This hands-on practice ensures intimate contact between plant and grower for each strain and plant over its lifespan – even at vast commercial scales. With this nurturing approach infusing all greenhouse operations, our grow specialists can personally guarantee the healthiest of cultivars, eco-friendly methods, and reliably high-grade optimum yields all year round.

We then take this person-to-plant methodology, the cornerstone of our grower’s manual, and reinforce it with genetic precision in our state-of-the-art facilities. All proprietary strains in our growing catalogue are selected from among hundreds of seed families, each painstakingly grown to flower and rigorously tested to enhance the choicest traits. This means only the most appetizing flavors and optimal terpene profiles make the grade as Kushkraft original strains to propagate for the market.

The Major League Disposable THC pen utilizes vaping technology, offering a safer, cleaner high as it heats the THC oil into vapor/aerosol. Each pen is made with purified distillate, as well as organic terpenes, perfectly mimicking the taste and smell of particular strains you are interested in, without the harmful effects of CO2-derived oils.

At Pegasus 420, we strive to provide our customers with the latest vaping technology. Our selection of new high-quality vaping products offers sophisticated options for our customers. We offer multiple strains for those looking for a more flavorful and effective experience. Each vape cart has its unique flavor, aroma, and terpene profile. Sativa carts provide euphoria, Indica brings relaxation, and hybrids offer the best of both worlds. The choice is yours.

Welcome to Pineapple Express Meds, your haven for premium cannabis experiences in the heart of Vancouver. Nestled in the vibrant cannabis culture of the city, we take pride in curating a diverse selection of top-quality products to elevate your cannabis journey. From the luscious aroma of our Pineapple Express strain to a carefully curated range of products, we bring you a fusion of potency and flavor that reflects the essence of the West Coast. At Pineapple Express Meds, we are committed to providing you with not just cannabis but a lifestyle – one that embodies relaxation, creativity, and the spirit of Vancouver’s cannabis community. Step into a world where every bud tells a story, and let Pineapple Express Meds be your trusted guide on the path to elevated well-being.

We take no shortcuts in fueling your trip to outer space with only the purest most potent space-grade rocket fuel. We’re over the moon to guarantee our customers that all THC distillates in each of our edibles products are over 90% pure across the full Stellar product line.

Stellar Treats are also made using only the freshest natural ingredients and the highest quality THC distillate. All of our ethically and locally sourced cannabis is 100% backed by intensive laboratory testing, certifying only choice cannabinoid compounds. This NASA-level of precision and pride in our work guarantees a premium product free of toxins, heavy metals and trace contaminants.

As we like to say at Stellar headquarters: Space-X cut the cost of space travel and so have we! With Stellar’s brand of cannabis-infused chocolates and gummies, you won’t require re-entry. You’re likely not coming back!

Introducing Stoneman Concentrates, where excellence meets potency in the world of cannabis shatter. Born from a dedication to craftsmanship and purity, Stoneman Concentrates delivers a premium line of shatter products that redefine the standards of quality. Meticulously extracted from select cannabis strains, our shatter boasts unparalleled purity, ensuring a clean, potent, and flavorful experience with every use. Crafted with precision and a commitment to excellence, Stoneman Concentrates takes pride in offering a diverse range of strains, each carrying its own unique terpene profile and flavor profile. Elevate your cannabis experience with Stoneman Concentrates, where every dab is a journey into the pinnacle of concentrate craftsmanship.

Welcome to Straight Goods Supply Co., where sophistication and purity converge to redefine your cannabis vaping experience. Rooted in a commitment to excellence, our premium line of cannabis vapes is meticulously crafted to deliver a seamless blend of flavor, potency, and innovation. From the sleek design of our devices to the carefully curated selection of strains, Straight Goods embodies the essence of quality and style. Each inhale is a journey into the world of premium cannabis, with our vapes offering a clean and satisfying experience. Whether you seek relaxation, inspiration, or simply a moment of pure enjoyment, Straight Goods Supply Co. stands as your trusted companion on the path to elevated well-being. Elevate your vaping experience with Straight Goods – where quality meets sophistication, and every puff is a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence.

We are a twisted family of cannabis and confection experts who make cannabis and CBD edibles. Everything we do is to enrich the quality of life of our customers with consistently dosed cannabis and CBD products for recreational and therapeutic use.

Born in the Pandemic, Raised through the lockdown & Adapting to life – We offer a healthy natural alternative to pharmaceutical options to provide a sense of comfort. Whether you feel disoriented when you wake up or anxious before bed, we are there with you to adapt and adjust to your environment.

Willo offers a wide range of CBD & THC products to fit your lifestyle. Whether you enjoy a sweet treat, a drop of euphoria or a calm cloud, we can offer a solution to adapt to your life.

Welcome to Zonked, your gateway to an elevated vaping experience. Crafted with precision and passion, our premium cannabis vapes redefine indulgence. Each Zonked product is a symphony of flavor, potency, and innovation, promising a clean and satisfying inhale every time. Whether you’re a seasoned enthusiast or a curious newcomer, Zonked caters to diverse tastes with a carefully curated selection of strains. Our sleek, user-friendly devices and rigorously tested formulations ensure a consistent and enjoyable journey into the world of cannabis. Elevate your vaping moments with Zonked – where quality meets convenience, and every puff is a step towards blissful relaxation. Choose Zonked for a vaping experience that transcends expectations and brings you into the heart of premium cannabis indulgence.

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