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How to Order

Just head on over to our shop page and make your selections! We are only accepting cash payments at the door! Please ensure that you have the correct email and phone number or it may cause issues and confusion with your order. Please note that orders placed right near the deadlines may not be capable of being packaged on time for our same-day GTA delivery, so try to place it as early as possible!

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Browse our extensive lineup and make your selections! Be sure to have a working email address and Canadian phone number! You will also collect loyalty points which you can redeem for unique coupon code discounts!

  2. Pay at the door with exact cash! Our couriers are not guaranteed to have any change available.

  3. Patiently wait for a ‘processing’ confirmation email, this may be instantaneous or it may take a couple hours depending on how busy we are at that particular time! We please ask for your patience! This email will include your invoice and confirms your order went through.

  4. If you placed your order close to or after our 6:00 pm deadline, it will typically be pushed to the next day’s delivery routes.

  5. The Delivery Route and Drop-offs begin at 6:00 pm, the latest orders get dropped off is usually 10:00 pm. The courier will call the phone number provided on arrival! Note: If the courier is unable to reach you after 15 mins on arrival, your order will be skipped and relegated to the next day’s deliveries.

We mainly operate within the downtown Toronto core but our delivery routes extends to Mississauga, Brampton, Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Markham and Scarborough. If you selected GTA same-day delivery and your location is not within our service area, we will contact you and attempt to arrange something! Please note that if you’re located in the outer cities listed above, your order will typically be one of the later stops on the delivery route.

Each tier is how we organize our variety of different price levels of flower. Rest assured that each strain is an incredible bang-for-your-buck for price compared to any other source in Canada! We try and avoid using terms like ‘quads’ and the A-ranking system as it is not regulated by anybody, so the terms AAAA, AAA, etc. are just arbitrary buzzwords that anybody selling pot can make up. In rural areas or provinces with less accessibility, some would call their top-tier flowers AAAA quads even though they would very easily pale in comparison to our mid-tier and similarly priced flowers. We didn’t want to associate with a system that just misguides people as to what true top in the Canadian peak quality looks like. So we settled on a hierarchy based on price, so spending $280 on a strain means you’re getting the absolute best. You won’t have to worry if which strain is the dankest for a certain price!

Every single one of our “Exclusive” tier flowers is the rarest and most highest quality you can find in Canada and would easily be called quads (AAAA) without contest. Many of you might even be surprised at how pristine these flowers are and may not ever view your previous quads as real quads in comparison anymore.

Most of our “Platinum” tier flowers are also of the same quality but they may feature a simple/quick growing process, less rare genetics, or any other host of reasons that would make them just a bit easier to attain and therefore a bit lower in price than our exclusives. Be sure to check some of this tier out as these are where many of our sleeper picks reside.

Our “Gold” and “Silver” would definitely be considered our budget tier. Of course, just because they’re cheap doesn’t mean we put any less effort in attaining the highest potency and quality possible in this price range.

  • Exclusives are equivalent to Quads+ (AAAA)
  • Platinum are higher tier Trips and above (AAA) at least.
  • Gold is typically low tier trips, high quality trips (AAA).
  • Silver is never below AA tier and will feature a mixed bag of both quality trips and doubles for the price.

Cash Upon Delivery: We accept cash payments on delivery for orders that are under $500. We no longer accept eTransfers. If you are unavailable to meet the courier but live in a detached home/townhouse with a secure spot (i.e. a mailbox), you can leave your cash payment in a secure envelope or similar. Our courier would be more than happy to swap the cash payment out with your order parcel!


We run our same-day GTA delivery service on all days of the week. On weekends and most holidays we are also still running!

  • Customer Service Hours:  12:00 pm- 7:00 pm (7 days a week)
  • Delivery Time: 6:00 pm (Route Begins) – 10:00 pm (Latest time the route would finish) We aim to improve our delivery times to be expected within 3 hours, and hopefully we’ll find the right balance to guarantee orders within 2 hours!

Delivery and Shipping

Order before 6:00 pm to qualify for same-day delivery. The delivery route begins at 6:00 pm and orders will be dropped off from there. The latest orders would likely arrive is 10:00 pm, but typically the latest drop-off is usually occur around 9:00 pm.

As of Aug 17, 2018, Power Plant no longer offers the Afternoon or Evening route.

Check your account order history to confirm your order was placed! If it was placed after 6:00 pm or close to 6:00 pm, we’ll contact you by email informing you if the order did not make it on time. If it missed the deadline, we’ll relegate the order to the next day!

This service is only for those in the Greater Toronto Area. Our cut-off time for the Same-Day Delivery service is 6:00 pm sharp.

Our drop-offs are in discrete and vacuum-sealed packaging. The courier will let you know by phone/text as soon as they arrive!

If you’re not home, your order may still be dropped off in a secure or hidden spot, if possible. The courier will attempt to contact you by text or phone but if you are unavailable they will use their best judgement and do what they can!

This service has a $20 flat rate cost in the GTA! If your order is on-hold, please be patient as we manually process payments and orders. Be sure to get your order in as early as possible before the deadlines of 12:00 pm for Afternoon/Mid-day delivery routes and for Evening delivery routes at 7:00 pm. Orders placed right near the deadlines may not be guaranteed to make it onto the routes, depending on business!

If you have any issues or concerns with your package or order that you’ve received, we request that you take plenty of photos and email them to us with details. We handle issues that arise on a case-by-case basis in order to ensure a fair outcome for all parties involved!

Hours and Information

We run our same-day GTA delivery service all 7 days of the week! On weekends and most holidays we are also still running! For certain holidays and unexpected events, we’ll prepare informational banners with at least 24 hours notice of any closings.

  • Customer Service Hours:  12:00 pm- 7:00 pm (7 days a week)
  • Delivery Time: 6:00 pm (Route Begins) – 10:00 pm (Expected latest time the route would finish) We aim to improve our delivery times to be expected within 3 hours, and hopefully we’ll find the right balance to guarantee orders within 2 hours!

Power Plant Health is not currently operating any physical retail locations. We did have a previous location located in Etobicoke but that has since been closed. Our Weedmap location markers are not retail stores but rather the areas in which our delivery extends to. We currently only offer online ordering and delivery as our only service!

Power Plant Health flowers will soon be filling the local shelves of dispensaries across Ontario! Keep your ears open for any news and announcements!

We have a Loyalty Rewards Program for those who have an account! Collect 1 point for every dollar you spend and at 420 points, you can redeem a $40 discount! View your points under the “My Account” page. You can redeem 420 points once available at your cart page! Be sure to post reviews as they also give you 10 loyalty points!

Power Plant reserves the right to reject any and all orders deemed suspicious, dangerous, or fraudulent.

Power Plant adheres to a strict policy in order to ensure the safety of our employees and business. If you are determined to be dangerous or fraudulent, we will reject your order.

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