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Straight Goods Supply Co.: 1g Distillate Cartridges [Mix & Match]

FLAVOURS Master Kush | Dutch Treat | Biscotti | Grape Ape | Lime Sorbet | Blueberry OG | Mango Haze | Runtz | Strawberry Cough | Blueberry Cookies | Bomb Pop | Wonder Woman | Pineapple Cake | Green Crack Punch | Squirt | Cantaloupe Haze | Maui Wowie


EFFECTS Energetic, Euphoric, Happy, Relaxed, Uplifted and Sleepy.
THC CONTENT 1g of Distillate per Cartridge
PRODUCT Cartridge is a 510 Thread


⭐No MCT | No PG | No PEG | No VG | No Vitamin E-Acetate | No Diluent | Lab Tested⭐

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

Straight Goods Supply Co. Distillate Cartridges contain only two simple ingredients: High-grade solvent-less Delta-9 THC distillate and organic plant-based terpenes. No VG, PG, PEG, MCT or any other diluent. Our 1ml 510 threading cartridges employ the latest in ceramic core technology ensuring a clean, tasty pull with a unique controlled airflow feature. Our hardware also passes the strictest tests for heavy metals. Vape with confidence. Vape Straight Goods!



Biscotti (Indica): Classic indica with an insanely delicious flavor profile identical to its name. Biscotti will take you on an adventure with an incredibly cerebral high that launches your mind into a pure lifted state of unfocused bliss. As you settle into it, a calming body high will wash over you, allowing you to kick back and relax without a care in the world.
Pineapple Cake (Hybrid): Featuring an incredible nutty herbal profile with notes of sweet tropical fruit. Pineapple Upside Down Cake is a indica-leaning hybrid that starts with a body lift which fades into a relaxing and slightly sedative long lasting high. Expect to feel a euphoric cerebral onset that fills you with pure happiness and ease, helping you block any negativity in your way.
Squirt (Sativa): Just like the delicious drink, Squirt packs a super vibrant flavor with a high that will lift you up before dropping you right back down. Features a sweet and sour sugary citrus flavor with hints of fresh lemon and grapefruit and a touch of spiciness. This potent sativa is perfect for focus, motivation and getting shit done.
Wonder Woman (Hybrid): Wonder Woman’s sweet berry-like flavor will drive your creativity and guarantee a pleasant euphoric feeling. Offering you a powerful and long lasting skunky buzz, this strain can really get you stoned and uplift your mood to greater heights.
Blueberry Cookies (Hybrid): An indica-dominant hybrid strain widely used for its mid-level sedative effects. Take a load off with crisp notes of berry and mint and let Blueberry Cookies warm embrace help you find complete relaxation.
Bomb Pop (Hybrid): A great daytime hybrid strain known for its benefits in treating anxiety and PTSD. Its mild but immediate effects are great for staying active and mentally alert while having delicious and smooth notes of cherry popsicle.
Dutch Treat: An indica strain that has become a cultural staple amongst Amsterdam coffee shops. It's sweet earthy notes will uplift your spirit while putting your whole body and mind into complete relaxation.
Green Crack Punch (Sativa): A sativa-dominant strain that will give your mind, body, and soul a supercharged boost of energy. This perfect get shit done strain with notes of blueberry and citrus will help you focus and blow through that to-do list like nobody's business!
Master Kush (Indica): An indica strain that is all about balance. Experience a strong but not overwhelming feeling of euphoria, creativity, and curiosity. Known for its smooth, hash-like flavor, Master Kush is a great nighttime strain that will ensure you sweet dreams.
Runtz (Hybrid): An indica-dominant hybrid strain great for relaxation and decompressing after a long day. Expect mouth-watering sweet, sugary, and sour notes, much like the delicious candy its named after. Give Runtz a shot - you won't regret trying out Leafly's strain of the year!


KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN AND PETS. This product contains cannabis and is intended for adult use only. Should not be used by women who are pregnant or breastfeeding. Cannabis has intoxicating effects and may impair concentration, coordination and judgement. In some cases, cannabis may improve concentration, coordination and judgment. Do not operate a vehicle or machinery while using this product.

Do not store in cold temperature. When the distillate gets cold it will thicken and clog the pen. To clear this clog, keep your pen in room temperature environments. If the pen does get clogged, hold it between your hands to warm it up for 5 min, and try to use it again. Once you get it to smoke again, blow into the pen and smoke should come out of the charger area.

Usage & handling: Please note that vape cartridges should be stored in a cool, dark place, away from direct sun or heat. Cartridges and pens should be stored vertically to avoid leaks.

Cultivation: All-natural, botanically-derived ingredients. Locally grown, 100% organic, non-GMO cannabis, manufactured in Canada.

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Master Kush (Indica), Dutch Treat (Indica), Biscotti (Indica), Grape Ape (Indica), Lime Sorbet (Indica), Blueberry OG (Indica), Mango Haze (Indica), Runtz (Hybrid), Strawberry Cough (Hybrid), Blueberry Cookies (Hybrid), Bomb Pop (Hybrid), Wonder Woman (Hybrid), Pineapple Cake (Hybrid), Green Crack Punch (Sativa), Squirt (Sativa), Cantaloupe Haze (Sativa), Maui Wowie (Sativa)


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