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So High Extracts: 1g Premium Distillates


FLAVOURS Do-Si-Dos | Blueberry Kush | Wedding Cake | Grape Kush | Blue Dream | Jack Herer | Grapefruit | Lemon Skunk | Lemon Kush | Blood Orange | Green Apple | Grape Ape | Grand Daddy Purple | Blueberry Haze | Banana Kush | Blue Widow | Trainwreck | Master Kush
EFFECTS Energetic, Euphoric, Happy, Relaxed, Uplifted and Sleepy.
THC CONTENTS 1g of Distillate per Syringe


You will earn 22 Power Points if you purchase this product. [Collect 1000 Power Points and receive a $50 coupon code!]
You will earn 22 Power Points if you purchase this product. [Collect 1000 Power Points and receive a $50 coupon code!]

Introducing So High Extracts: Premium Distillates, the epitome of excellence in cannabis concentrates. Elevate your cannabis experience to extraordinary heights with their meticulously crafted and exceptionally potent distillates. Experience the pinnacle of purity and potency with So High Extracts: Premium Distillates. Their distillates are meticulously processed to remove impurities, resulting in a clean and refined product that embodies the essence of quality and craftsmanship. Every drop is a testament to their commitment to delivering the finest cannabis concentrates on the market. Immerse yourself in the extraordinary effects of their premium distillates. With its high THC content and precisely calibrated cannabinoid profiles, their distillates offer a truly exceptional cannabis experience. Whether you're seeking relaxation, euphoria, or relief, their distillates are expertly formulated to cater to your individual preferences and needs. Enjoy the versatility of So High Extracts: Premium Distillates. The distillates can be used in a variety of ways, from dabbing to vaporizing to infusing into your favorite recipes. Unlock a world of creativity as you explore different consumption methods and discover new ways to enjoy the potent effects of their premium distillates. Indulge in a vast selection of tantalizing flavors and strain profiles. From fruity and tropical to earthy and pungent, their distillates offer a diverse range of flavors that will tantalize your taste buds and enhance your cannabis experience. Immerse yourself in the rich and aromatic notes that So High Extracts: Premium Distillates provide. Choose excellence and elevate your cannabis journey with So High Extracts: Premium Distillates. Immerse yourself in the world of pure potency, unrivaled flavor, and exceptional quality. Don't miss out on the opportunity to experience the finest cannabis concentrates available. Try So High Extracts: Premium Distillates today and embark on a cannabis experience like no other. Remember, with So High Extracts, every moment becomes an extraordinary cannabis adventure, where quality and potency converge for an unparalleled experience.


Jack Herer Strain: Jack Herer, also known as "JH," "The Jack," "Premium Jack," and "Platinum Jack" is a sativa-dominant marijuana strain that has gained as much renown as its namesake, the marijuana activist and author of The Emperor Wears No Clothes. Combining a Haze hybrid with a Northern Lights #5 and Shiva Skunk cross, Sensi Seeds created Jack Herer hoping to capture both cerebral elevation and heavy resin production. Its rich genetic background gives rise to several different variations of Jack Herer, each phenotype bearing its own unique features and effects. However, consumers typically describe this 55% sativa hybrid as blissful, clear-headed, and creative.


Lemon Skunk Strain: Lemon Skunk, also known as "Lemon Skunk OG," is a sativa-dominant hybrid marijuana strain developed from two special Skunk phenotypes hand-picked by the breeder. This classic strain is known to produce energizing effects with a mellow high. In terms of flavor, Lemon Skunk is skunky with a pungent aroma and exceptionally zesty lemon undertones. Lemon Skunk effects are fast-hitting and provide instant feelings of buzzy energy that leave you feeling happy. If you're in a mental funk, consumers say this strain can help you get out of your rut. Lemon Skunk is 18% THC, making it a great strain choice for cannabis consumers of all levels. Myrcene is Lemon Skunk's dominant terpene.


Mendo Breath Strain: Mendo Breath is an indica marijuana strain made by crossing OGKB with Mendo Montage. This strain produces a euphoric high with powerful body effects that help relieve pain and discomfort. Mendo Breath smells like sweet vanilla and caramel.


Pineapple Express Strain: Pineapple Express is a sativa-dominant hybrid marijuana strain made by crossing Trainwreck with Hawaiian. While this strain rose to fame on the silver screen in 2008 amidst the release of Pineapple Express, it is a real strain that you can find on the shelves of dispensaries across the country.  Since then, this strain has become a favorite in the hearts and minds of cannabis lovers. Pineapple Express produces long-lasting energetic effects that you can feel right away. Pineapple Express is 18% THC and may make you feel buzzy, alert, and creative. The best time to smoke Pineapple Express is in the morning, afternoon, or early evening hours. In terms of flavor, this strain packs a punch to your pallet with bright citrus notes infused with pineapple and earthy pine, thanks to the terpenes of caryophyllene, limonene, and pinene. Medical marijuana patients choose Pineapple Express to relieve symptoms associated with depression, pain, and fatigue.


Sunset Sherbet Strain: Sherbert, also known as "Sherbet", "Sherbert OG", "Sunset Sherbet", and "Sunset Sherbert" is an indica-dominant hybrid marijuana strain made by crossing Girl Scout Cookies with Pink Panties. This strain exhibits powerful, full-body effects that are elevated by a jolt of cerebral energy and carefree state of mind. Sherbet boasts a THC level of 18% and may be overwhelming to novice cannabis consumers. The high potency of Sherbert makes it an ideal choice for medical marijuana patients seeking relief from symptoms associated with stress, tension, and mood disorders. This strain features a sweet, dessert-like flavour profile with notes of skunky citrus, sweet berry, and candy. The average price per gram of Sherbert is $20, but may vary based on your location. According to growers, Sherbert flowers into oblong fluffy nugs with rich trichome coverage and dark amber hairs throughout light and dark green foliage. This strain was originally bred by Mr. Sherbinski, who bred Sherbert intentionally to inherit the genetic lineage of its parent strain Girl Scout Cookies.


Watermelon Zkittlez Strain: Watermelon Zkittlez, also known as "Watermelon Skittles," is an indica-dominant hybrid marijuana strain made by a cross of the hugely popular Zkittlez and Watermelon. It offers a wonderful fruity aroma and flavor profile that is mouthwateringly scrumptious. Its high may set in quick, delivering a powerful, head-rushing euphoria. With its heavy effects, Watermelon Zkittlez is best reserved for the end of the day.

Wedding Cake Strain: Wedding Cake, also known as "Triangle Mints #23," is a potent type of indica-hybrid marijuana strain made by crossing Triangle Kush with Animal Mints. Fun fact: In Canada, this strain is known as Pink Cookies. The Wedding Cake strain provides relaxing and euphoric effects that calm the body and mind. This strain yields a rich and tangy flavor profile with undertones of earthy pepper. Medical marijuana patients choose Wedding Cake to help relieve symptoms associated with pain, insomnia and appetite loss. Consumers with a low THC tolerance should enjoy this strain with an extra slice of care due to its high THC content. Wedding Cake has soared in popularity over the years and was named Leafly Strain of the Year in 2019.

KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN AND PETS. This product contains cannabis and is intended for adult use only. Should not be used by women who are pregnant or breastfeeding. Cannabis has intoxicating effects and may impair concentration, coordination and judgement. In some cases, cannabis may improve concentration, coordination and judgment. Do not operate a vehicle or machinery while using this product.

Do not store in cold temperature. When the distillate gets cold it will thicken and clog the pen. To clear this clog, keep your pen in room temperature environments. If the pen does get clogged, hold it between your hands to warm it up for 5 min, and try to use it again. Once you get it to smoke again, blow into the pen and smoke should come out of the charger area.

Usage & handling: Please note that vape cartridges should be stored in a cool, dark place, away from direct sun or heat. Cartridges and pens should be stored vertically to avoid leaks.

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Do-Si-Dos (Indica), Blueberry Kush (Indica), Wedding Cake (Hybrid), Grape Kush (Hybrid), Blue Dream (Hybrid), Jack Herer (Sativa), Grapefruit (Sativa), Lemon Skunk (Sativa), Lemon Kush (Hybrid), Blood Orange (Indica), Green Apple (Sativa), Grape Ape (Indica), Grand Daddy Purple (Indica), Blueberry Haze (Sativa Dominant Hybrid), Banana Kush (Hybrid), Blue Widow (Hybrid), Trainwreck (Sativa Dominant Hybrid), Master Kush (Indica Dominant Hybrid)


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