Royalty Rosin Cholate Rosin Brownies – (300mg THC)


What do you get when you take a moist, full spectrum rosin brownie and cover it in a delicious rosin milk chocolate shell? An intense, explosion that’ll delight your taste buds and intrigue your conscious state of mind. Every one of our Royalty Rosin Full Spectrum Brownies are made with the same AAAA+ BC grown flower rosin that can be found in our Full Spectrum Vape Carts and Full Spectrum Gummies! We ahve a top-secret 28 step process that guarantees you the yummiest, most consistent and cleanest edible out there. Since we use our own in-house squished rosin, our edibles contain zero solvents – no butane, alcohol or anything but pure cannabinoids and terpenes.

THC Content:  2 Pieces/ 150mg per piece/ 300mg per package


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Full Spectrum Rosin Brownies by Royalty Rosin - 300mg THC

THC Content:  2 Pieces/ 150mg per piece/ 300mg per package

These deliciously moist brownies are covered in a milk chocolate shell, guaranteed to satisfy your sweets craving! Each piece contains 150mg of THC making it easy to consume the proper dosage.

Using rosin introduces more cannabinoids and signature terpenes that are found within your favorite cannabis strains, which allows for a more full-bodied and elevated high compared edibles made from distillate

Each brownie contains 150mg of THC. Start with 1/4 or less and allow up to 1 hour for full effects to kick in before ingesting more

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