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Euphoria Extractions: Shatter Chews [150mg – 3000mg]


THC CONTENTS 150mg or 600mg or 3000mg
CONTENTS 12 – 30 Pieces of Shatter Chews
STRAINS Indica & Sativa
FLAVOURS Raspberry, Watermelon, Green Apple, Grape
MEDICAL EFFECTS* Stress, Depression, Pain, Insomnia & Lack of Appetite
EFFECTS Uplifted, Euphoric, Happy, Hungry & Sleepy
DOSAGE Each Indica Chew contains 5mg or 20mg of THC (Stamped with a number on the gummy). Begin with one piece and allow upwards of an hour for digestion before proceeding. Take with caution.


*Disclaimer: All cannabis strain information displayed on this website should be treated as an informative tool and not as medical recommendations. Please consult your general practitioner before using cannabis for medical purposes.

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You will earn 19-119 Power Points if you purchase this product. [Collect 1000 Power Points and receive a $50 coupon code!]

Euphoria Extractions: Shatter Chews (Live Rosin Infusion) are the perfect solution for your edible needs. After many years of trial and error, Euphoria Extractions has perfected their signature combination of flavour and effect. Every Shatter Chew is actually made from scratch and are free of imperfections; say good bye to poorly portioned, mystery edibles and say hello to pure goodness! Euphoria Extractions prides themselves in their ability to precisely infuse cannabis into their edibles and prefer to use Live Rosin, or shatter which allows for the absorption of full-spectrum beneficial cannabinoids. Shatter your taste buds and experience Euphoria!

Euphoria Extractions was created upon the belief that everybody should have the option of mind-opening freedom, spiritual exploration and self healing. Euphoria first occurred to enjoy the products we wanted most, but we could not find reasonable access to acquire them. We have decided to share our joys with our fellow Canadians to allow everybody age 19+ to obtain the happiness, spiritual, and medicinal fulfillments they need, or desire, all produced with the highest quality materials, making Euphoria Extractions a brand you can trust. We at Euphoria Extractions, pride ourselves in leading the way on how edibles should be produced with lab tested, portion controlled and great testing edibles. We understand the importance of providing users with all the information on what’s exactly in the products they consume, we have pioneered a labeling system that shows the full cannabinoids profile in all our products. By giving our users full transparency to the contents of our products they will be able to dose themselves accurately. Not only do we lab test every batch, we have state of the art machinery that ensures consistency and accuracy for each product. We also use the highest quality Belgian chocolate that gives our bars a great taste for users to enjoy. It’s on the box! All products are lab tested to ensure a consistent experience every time.


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150mg Party Pack (Indica), 240mg Party Pack (Indica) [Distillate Version], 600mg Party Pack (Indica), 150mg Party Pack (Sativa), 240mg Party Pack (Sativa) [Distillate Version], 600mg Party Pack (Sativa), 3000mg Party Pack (Indica), 3000mg Party Pack (Sativa)

3 reviews for Euphoria Extractions: Shatter Chews [150mg – 3000mg]

  1. Jenn

    Good value and potent stuff !🥰

  2. Bobby

    Buddy and I ate 2 pcs, 50mg each and got WAYY too high. Should of did 1 to start next time

  3. Sara (verified owner)

    I love these edibles (even though they aren’t the best tasting), they definitely get the job done and both indica and sativa are great!

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